Dachsunds- Men's Luxury Bamboo Socks

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Do you own a dachshund? Just a dog lover of all kinds? Then these socks are for you! Featuring a repeat pattern of happy wiener dogs looking sleek, our dachsund socks are great on walks through the park.

  • Fit U.S. men’s shoe sizes 7-12.5
  • Fiber Content: 68% Rayon From Bamboo, 30% Nylon, 2% Spandex

​​About the brand: "No boring socks" is Socksmith's motto. They're headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, and the city is the source of their sock inspiration with its prominent culture valuing creativity, independence, and community. Designed with love by in-house artists, Socksmith socks weave together top-quality designs and materials, tailored to fit every taste, lifestyle, and smile.

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